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[ Character's Name ] : Jasdero, part of the Noah Jasdebi, who represents “Bonds”
[ Character's Age ] : 18
[ Series ] : D.Gray-Man
[ Canon Point ] : After being defeated by the Exorcist Krory, chapter 109.
[ History ] : [D.Gray-Man Wiki] : [Jasdebi/Jasdevi Wiki]

[ Personality ] :

Jasdero is kind of ridiculously stupid very eccentric, even compared to some of the others in the Noah family. He‘s loud and childish, often adding giggles and laughter at the end of his sentences for no reason. He has an almost permanent slouch, he jumps around, and he has the tendency to throw tantrums like a toddler. He‘s quick to anger and has a rather dirty mouth, though not nearly as dirty as his twin's. He really has... no attention span at all, jumping from one thing to the next, be it sweets or animals or hunting Exorcists.  

Like all Noah, he enjoys violence and feels joy out of killing or hurting others, but... While he follows the Earl and does as he's told (kind of,) he and his brother both have the mindset of eighteen year olds. They don't want to work, and when they do they tend to half ass the job. They're immature and forgetful, not liking to be reminded that they've failed, again and again, to do their duty. When reminded they get angry, Jasdero's temper flaring up, or sad and dejected. Due to failing at catching the Exorcist General Cross many many times (who would leave them the bills for where he was staying, wracking up debt,) they hate both General Cross and Allen Walker... but only, seemingly, for the money they owe and not because of their mission. They don't seem very serious about their job at all, only doing well when truly angry.

He tends to speak in the third person, referring to himself as “Dero” often. This is due to the fact he‘s only half of his true Noah form, Jasdebi. As his “twin,” Debitto, is the other half, he refers to them as the same entity, using "us," and "we," instead of "he," "me," or "I." This isn't constant, though, he goes back and forth. His speech is childish and loud, and he only half listens to what people are saying unless it's important. He also giggles constantly, be it a "hee!" at the end of his sentences, or full blown laughter. Between Debitto and Jasdero, Debitto is the “brains” of the personality. Jasdero is a bit slow, just adding to his childish personality. He’s a bit lost without Debitto, always the follower.

Due to being split into two bodies, Jadebi's looks go mostly to Jasdero while the strengths and "smarts" go mostly to Debitto. He's not totally an idiot (regardless of the fact Jasdebi is kind of dumb too,) but he tries his best. Beyond Debitto, he is attached to his Noah family; casually interacting with Tyki and seeming fond of Road (though as she is the "big sister," that's probably a given,) the twins coming to her for tissues and comfort when they begin crying over the death of Skinn Boric, the Noah representing Wrath. He follows the Earl, as they all do, regardless of his immaturity, trying his best (at times) to do what he's told.

Misc.. He's amused by pointless things, like the fact they find chickens behind instead of the Exorcist General their after, often taking it and treating it as a pet for a while. He's fond of sweets, but his favorite food is spicy curry, leading to the idea that spicy food is his favorite. He's naive and focused on himself and his twin more than anything. Because the D.Gray-Man canon is technically set around the end of the 18th century, anything more modern may amaze him and cause him to break a lot of things. He's extremely vain about his appearance, hating when his hair is messed up and whining over his makeup running.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :

By himself, Jasdero is rather weak. He‘s agile, but he can‘t take a punch, whining with his brother when Allen was thrown into the wall they were hiding in. (Even if it broke the wall, as Noah they shouldn‘t be that weak.) Without his brother, he‘s even weaker, unable to use his Noah abilities to “Materialize” what they think. He carries a small golden pistol, but it’s unloaded, unable to work without Debitto there to help Materialize their ammo. In their introductory arc, he's shown pulling a rickshaw at an alarming pace, again adding to his agility and possibly his strength (being able to carry the rickshaw, Debitto and Tyki, along with Skinn Boric eventually, who's enormous all by himself.)  

[ Other Important Facts ] :

Jasdero has a rather strange appearance, constantly staying in his Noah form (dark gray skin, cross stigmata on his forehead.) He wears a rather odd outfit, leather pants cut up the front and back, laced with black thread to show off his legs, along with thick "clown" makeup on his eyes. His mouth is stitched closed, giving him the appearance of a ragdoll, though the stitching seems to stretch to allow his mouth to move (sometimes ridiculously so,) and doesn't seem to hurt him. He wears a headpiece made out of ribbon and circlets, a long wire fixed to the top of it with a small light at the end of it. It's reminiscent of an angler fish's light. His eyes are large and wide near constantly, also giving him the appearance of a doll. Unlike most other Noah, his hair is blond. It's speculated that it may or may not be a wig due to the fact that during their fight with the Exorcists his hair gets messed up and Debitto offers to "buy him more" if it gets ruined.  Due to being one half of a whole Noah, Jasdero often refers to himself as Jasdebi, their whole form. It's still him, just with his brother included-- which is always the case. He can't not imagine them together. It's just another part of his weird speech pattern.  

[ Sample ] :

    With a huff, Jasdero flung himself after the chicken. Between his ragdoll like posture and long limbs, he was tripping up in the mud and dirty of the nasty little house they'd tracked the damned General Cross to. All that had been left over, of course, was a glass of gross wine and chickens. Leaving Debitto to kick and stomp at the ground, Jasdero was determined to grab the chicken still wearing the general's wide brimmed Order issued hat. It was a quick, stupid little thing, but Jasdero was too. With a cry of distress, he tripped forward in the mud and face planted into the ground, his hair flying as dirt caked onto his face, ruining his makeup. Even as he whined about this and Debitto yelled after him to calm him down, he scrambled to his feet with a sad little noise that still, somehow, sounded like laughter. Again and again, he jumped after the stupid, nasty chicken just out of his reach.

They could have shot it, sure, but Jasdero would not have been satisfied. Sensing his "twin's" feelings, Debitto joined in the chase, the two tripping and rolling and stumbling over one another. Even so in sync, their clumsiness was evenly matched. Debitto pushed Jasdero forward, jumping up onto his back and diving for the chicken, narrowly missing it himself as his blond twin whined and cried behind him. Jasdebi's strategy wasn't working! Stoping a moment to slump onto the ground and take a breather, both Noah whined to one another, commenting on how they were so dirty and gross and how Debitto would have to buy Jasdero new hair, it was so caked in mud. Finally, catching their breaths, they were back on their feet and flying up onto the porch after the chicken that had settled next to the wine glass on the small table. Jasdero dove and rolled, the chicken squawking loudly as he grabbed one of its wings and pulled it into his arms, instantly crying out in pain as its talons and beak dug into his pale gray skin. Debitto, narrowly missing the chicken himself, only managed to get broken glass and nasty nasty alcohol dripping into his hair.

“Dero got it, hee!” He cries, swinging the poor creature around by its wing once he stops shaking it from hurting him. The chicken clucks woefully, and Jasdero hugs it close, leaning to see if his brother is all right. “We got it, hee!” Debitto just nods, giving him a grin, before spitting almost violently. Wine is gross, they both need a hot bath. The chicken needs to die. Pointing at it with his pistol, he makes Jasdero shriek. “Don’t! Chicken proved its stupid worth, hee! Keep it!” Unable to say no to his twin when he looked so proud of himself, Debitto just laughed, saying he would need a name. After a long moment, they look at one another and nod, speaking in union.

“Cross cluck (hee)!”

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] :

Due to the fact that I've been reading scans since like eight grade and not the "official" translation, I tend to type out the characters names with the "Engrish," like Debitto instead of Devit, or Rabi instead of Lavi. Hope that's okay with everyone, it's just a habit.

I apologize for the HTML screwing up augh. I don't know how to fix it.
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